The governance of Community Links Wellbeing Ltd is a crucial part of our organisation’s structure. It is also a legal requirement as a non-profit, Charitable organisation. The Board of Management is made up of volunteer members of the community.

The Board of Management provides strong governance and effective leadership. This involves ensuring that the organisation has the following:

  • Clear strategic directions and achievable plans aligned with its purpose and values.
  • Adequate resources to carry out its work effectively.
  • Financial Viability into the future
  • Competent personnel to fulfil organisational roles.
  • An effective policy framework to guide its work, implement plans, and meet obligations.
  • Sufficient internal controls for sound financial management, risk management, and legal compliance.
  • Adequate internal accountability mechanisms to comply with policies and procedures and monitor organisational performance.

The Board of Management is accountable to ICAC, ASIC and the membership of the organisation. They are responsible for ensuring that the organisation achieves results, remains financially stable, and meets all legal, financial and ethical obligations.

Community Links Wellbeing also has five sub-committees. Sub-committees are smaller groups that are responsible for addressing specific issues or carrying out designated functions. The Community Links Wellbeing sub-committees are:

  • Work, Health and Safety
  • Continuous Quality Assurance
  • Tenancy
  • Finance
  • Marketing

If you are interested in finding out more about Governance at Community Links Wellbeing and/or expressing your interest in becoming involved, please contact Greg Duffy on (02) 4683 2776.

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