What Is An Occupational Therapist?


Occupational Therapists use a whole person perspective to work with individuals, groups and communities to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through participation in the occupations of life.

The term ‘occupation’ is used to describe all the everyday things we do in our life roles, but also the things we do to be who we are, the things we do to create a meaningful life and to engage with wider society and culture.

Occupational therapy is a client-centred health profession that involves ongoing assessments to understand what activities a person can do (and those they want to do), any current limitations, their goals/motivations and also to offer advice/techniques about how to do something more easily and safely.

Occupational therapists are skilled in a number of areas, including mental health, rehabilitation, pain management, driving assessments and paediatrics. Occupational therapists work with people across the lifespan to provide a range of supports and services including:

  • Assistive technology (aids and equipment)
  • Home modifications
  • Assessment of personal support needs (personal care)
  • Coordinating respite care
  • Transport assistance
  • Orientation and mobility training
  • Supported employment evaluation and training services
  • Help children achieve their developmental milestones such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to help with play, school or independent skills
  • Educate and involve parents, carers and others to facilitate the development and learning of children
  • Help children with developmental delays learn everyday tasks (such as bathing, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and feeding themselves)
  • Help children with behavioural issues maintain positive behaviours in all environments (e.g. instead of hitting others or acting out, using positive ways to deal with anger, such as writing about feelings or participating in a physical activity


Where our Occupational Therapists work


Community Links offers services in a range of settings. The most appropriate environment is chosen based on individual needs. These settings include:

  • CLW offices- these are located in Tahmoor, Camden, Bowral and Bargo
  • primary and secondary schools in the Wollondilly, Wingecarribee, Camden and Campbelltown areas
  • early childhood education and care settings
  • aged care facilities
  • individual’s homes including group homes

Our Occupational Therapy team can also provide services via telehealth where appropriate.