School Holiday Activities

The workshops will encourage self-expression, educate young people on nutrition, learn strategies one can use in stressful times that are also enjoyable and have some fun in response to what has been a strange time for all after the recent bushfires and COVID-19.  Creatively Connecting Community School Holiday activities will encourage Young people to express themselves through creativity. These workshops will also provide the opportunity for Young people, individuals and families to have a chat to professionals on supports available in their local community.



An opportunity for Young people to get creative in a fun, professional kitchen and be educated about the effects Nutrition has on our minds and bodies and nutritional value all while making a delicious meal and getting to eat it after.


Arts & Crafts:

Arts & Crafts promotes self-expression in a different way without having to use words while having the benefit of being socially interactive, all while having fun and creating something that they get to take home.



As we all know, music brings joy to oneself and others. Music Sessions will provide a therapeutic type of workshop which research shows that music interaction can improve one’s mental health. Music can improve daily living by impacting on their coping skills and a different way to express themselves, and also encourage a different way to communicate.


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